Episode 53 – Day Late, Dollar short – Guardians of the Galaxy

Hi Everyone,

This week we explore Marvel’s blockbuster hit “Guardians of the Galaxy”! Don’t think of it as late. Dont think of it as “Late”. Think of it as a really early review session for this summer’s crop of MCU movies, and a primer for Guardians 2! This week’s episode is available right below for you to stream or download; Or, if you prefer, the episode is available in your iTunes feed right now.

As always, thanks for listening.

Episode 52 – Boxing Day

Hi everyone,

We return with a quick review of Nerd Block random loot box. Dana picked one up and there was some pretty neat stuff in there! They do not sponsor us, so we like to think we gave a reasonably unbiased look.

There is a direct link for your listening pleasure or click on the embedded player below to enjoy!

If you are curious about getting your own Nerd Block, take a look at www.nerdblock.com.

Episode 50 – Asleep at the Wheel

This episode was the first recorded after the involuntary hiatus. We mainly cover the Marvel movie slate with a smattering of Big Hero 6, Shatterdome Con, and the upcoming 2015 G.I. Joe Convention. Of course, it would be TRF without a dozen or so tangents along the way.

Thanks for listening and we hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

Episode 50 – Asleep at the Wheel

Episode 46 – Mystery Meat

Hi folks, De here. Thanks to Matt for pinch hitting and editing this longer-than-normal episode while I was away dealing with Life, the Universe, and Everything Else. Dana and Matt recorded this episode without me, so I’m not sure what’s in it. Enjoy this Mystery Meat episode and we’ll see you next time!

Oh yeah, beware of possible profanity–you’ll find this one marked as Explicit.

Episode 46 – Mystery Meat

Episode 45 – Sandy Eggo

As the summer winds to a close, the convention season seems to be heating up. The TRF Crew discusses the San Diego Comic-Con, as well as the Shore Leave science fiction convention, with a tangent or 12 along the way. One particular tangent of note concerns the comprehension-challenged nerd rage over the announcements Marvel made regarding Thor and Captain America.

Show Notes:
Mad Max: Fury Road trailer
Deadpool test footage
Female Thor announcement
Falcon to become Captain America

Episode 45 – Sandy Eggo

Episode 44 – Better Than Old People Magazines


Another out-of-sequence episode! This episode was recorded after July 4, which explains Dana’s obsession with 1776. The TRF crew takes the time out to read listener mail. If you posted to either Facebook or the website, there’s a good chance it’s discussed in this episode.

Some of the stuff covered are: Batgirl’s new costume, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Wicked and the Divine, the upcoming Shannara TV series, music, free hugs, Marvel movies and TV, Defiance, Dana and De’s acting careers, websites regularly trafficked, the new Harry Potter story, and sequel talk.

Episode 44 – Better Than Old People Magazines

Show Notes
Batgirl’s New Costume
The Wicked and the Divine
Shannara TV series
Luna-C Productions
Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin
Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery
Replica Prop Forum
New Harry Potter story