Episode 39 – Day Late-Dollar Short – Captain America – The Winter Soldier

It’s been well over a month and all three of the TRF Crew finally got around to seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier! It should be no surprise that this podcast is full of spoilers! Work efforts have begun to ratchet up again for De so this episode is not as smooth as most. Chances are you’ll hear many a verbal crutch and perhaps some profanity. Please don’t hold it against us :-)

Episode 39 – Day Late-Dollar Short – Captain America – The Winter Soldier

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4 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Day Late-Dollar Short – Captain America – The Winter Soldier

  1. Stacy Banks

    I need my TRFP fix!

    Do you think they will make a new movie out of the new Harry Potter story?

  2. Lisa Hall

    What are your most favorite and most hated movie sequels?

    Here is mine:

    Winter Soldier, Aliens. T2, Empire Strikes back, Wrath of Kahn

    Highlander 2, Matrix 2, Transformers 2, Darko 2, Star Trek 5 Final Frontier

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Stacy! We took a short break for the Independence Day holiday, but we are back this week!

    Hello Lisa! That’s a great list. We’ll likely be tackling your question when we record this week!

    Thank you both for listening!

  4. Ralph Jenkins

    I’m a lot more interested in seeing Winter Soldier now after listening to your podcast. I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for another Marvel sequel when it was in theaters, but it sounds like this one turned out to be very good. Not sure if I’ll go the VOD route to see it earlier – I did this recently with Under the Skin and The Grand Budapest Hotel – but I’ll definitely check it out. I still like having physical copies that I can sell/trade/lend out and that will always be on my shelf even if something happens to the “digital” version.

    My favorite sequels: Gremlins 2, Batman Returns, The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2, Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (LOL)

    Worst: Batman & Robin, Transformers 2 (Who needs a script? Action!)

    Thanks for giving me something entertaining to listen to during my hour long commute!


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