Episode 41 – Pacific Funk


The TRF crew returns with a discussion about Pacific Rim, which leads to another chat about our experiences with anime and manga with a brief stop in The Matrix.

Episode 41 – Pacific Funk

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One thought on “Episode 41 – Pacific Funk

  1. Ralph Jenkins

    I approve of any podcast that brings up both Matt Wagner’s Grendel (which I too was a huge fan of) and Megazone 23. Re: Golgo 13, I can still remember printing the entire script on a dot matrix printer so I could follow along with the movie. Even the game was a little racy, with the player restoring his health between rounds by bedding the female characters. I don’t remember being that big of a fan of Miyazaki in high school, although I liked his films. I was a huge fan during that time of Macross, Megazone, Bubblegum Crisis, and Gunbuster. A lot of the series I liked did have female protagonists. Re: Macross and Harmony Gold, one reason a lot of fans hate Harmony Gold and Robotech is that HG has been standing in the way of American releases for newer Macross shows and merchandise in America. They are the reason nothing since Macross Plus has had an official release here. Anime fans today do have it very good indeed. Back in the day, you had to buy a laserdisc from Japan for $90 and add the subtitles yourself, or know someone who did. I ended up working on the subtitles for a number of DVDs that came out in the early 2000s, when anime’s popularity was at its peak in the U.S. (the industry would collapse a few years later with easy access to digital fansubs and shrinkage of the DVD market in general). One of the shows I worked on was Megazone 23, which was a real labor of love (even if I wasn’t listed in the credits until Pt. III). One thing I noticed in the podcast is that no one really mentioned any recent anime (Cowboy Bebop dates back to 1998 – it’s over 15 years old now and it was one of the last shows before traditional cel animation was largely replaced by digital ink and paint). Personally, I can’t get into a lot of modern anime. Much of it is too niche and pandering to a very specific audience, whereas it seemed like the ’80s and ’90s shows had wider appeal. One new anime I can wholeheartedly recommend – especially to fans of science fiction – is Space Battleship Yamato 2199. It’s a reboot of a show from the seventies but it’s been updated for modern viewers and even improved (it reminded me of the newer BSG). The only problem is that the Blu-rays are fairly expensive. However, it was worth it to see something new that reminded me of why I used to like anime. Matt, be sure to pick up Grendel v. the Shadow in September. I’ve seen some of the early art and it looks pretty badass. :)


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